My interest in true crime dates back literally as long as I can remember. I recall sitting in my room as a very young child watching television host John Walsh discuss the abduction and murder of his son, Adam, on America’s Most Wanted. Programs such as Unsolved Mysteries, American Justice and Dateline NBC would continue to hold my fascination as a teenager and into adulthood.

Now, as a true crime enthusiast in my mid-thirties, I find myself particularly drawn to cases of a bizarre or eerie (some would even say “creepy”) variety. Strange murders and deaths, missing persons, stalking situations, Internet predators and cult activity are all topics of great interest to me and areas I intend to heavily focus on with this website.

My writing background consists mainly of work in the professional wrestling and adult entertainment fields. I spent several years as an online contributor for the Ontario, Canada-based Fight Network digital cable television channel in addition to writing for the website of the popular Between the Ropes radio program and podcast. From there, I operated my own adult industry-themed blog, XXX Wasteland, for over three years where I covered the porn genre in a tasteful, serious fashion and conducted one hundred-plus interviews with performers and behind-the-scenes personalities.

I am excited about the launch of True Crime Factor and hope you continue to join me on what I hope will be a successful and enjoyable endeavor.

“If you don’t live for something, you will die for nothing.” ~ Unknown

Adam Wilcox

October 2015

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