Book Review: My Friend Dahmer

In the summer of 1991, the entire world watched in shock as Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the murder of seventeen young men and teenage boys. The horrific details of Dahmer’s killings – which included necrophilia, dismemberment and cannibalism – repulsed the nation and to this day solidifies Dahmer as one of the most notorious and abhorrent serial murderers in the annals of true crime.

One man who watched the Dahmer events unfold with a personal interest was Derf Backderf, who made friends with the future serial killer while the two were students at Revere High School in Richfield, Ohio during the 1970s. Backderf, an award-winning political cartoonist and comic artist, documents his relationship with Dahmer in the graphic novel, My Friend Dahmer, which has been made into a motion picture.

In the My Friend Dahmer, Backderf not only details his friendship with one of the most reviled killers in history, but also offers his own thoughts and opinions on Dahmer’s descent into madness and depravity.

Purchasing information for My Friend Dahmer is available here.

(Special thanks to Abrams Books)

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