Press Release: Message From the Friends of Roger Stone

Friends, I need your help!

Roger Stone has been relentlessly denigrated by the false statements and innuendo of the Washington elite and the liberal media by falsely charging that he colluded with the Russian state to elect President Donald Trump. Liberal Democrat members of Congress have continued to accuse him of being a traitor without any facts to substantiate their outrageous claims. To date, neither the House or Senate Intelligence Committees have agreed to allow Roger to testify in public to clear his name.

Then, to pile on Roger, former members of the Obama administration filed a baseless and defamatory federal lawsuit (download PDF) against Roger and the Trump for President campaign accusing them of conspiring with Russian operatives to publish the information allegedly hacked from the DNC on WikiLeaks.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fighting back against all of these attacks is expensive. Roger has no choice but to take on the legal expense of fighting both of these efforts to smear him. Roger and his family need your help to punch back. Please donate to the effort to clear Roger’s name and prove all those who are still crying over the election of our President wrong.

We’re under attack and need your help!

Please click on the link below for donation information:

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