True Crime Factor Interview: Rose Pinson

15-year-old Pearl Pinson was abducted on the morning of May 25, 2016 while on her way to school in Vallejo, California. Several people witnessed the perpetrator, Fernando Castro, force the injured and screaming girl at gunpoint over a pedestrian crossing bridge. According to bystanders, Castro then put Pinson into the trunk of his car.

Castro was killed in a shootout with police the following day in Santa Barbara County, but Pinson remains missing.

Pearl’s sister, Rose Pinson, kindly spoke with me on the afternoon of May 10 to discuss her disappearance. Rose also appeared on a recent episode of The Vanished podcast, which can be heard here.

(Backpack worn by Pearl Pinson at the time of her abduction)

You can follow Rose Pinson on Twitter under the handle @Pearl_Team12. Additionally, there are two Facebook pages dedicated to Pearl Pinson’s story, Pearl Team and Find Pearl Pinson.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Pearl Pinson may contact the Solano County Sheriff’s tip line for the case at 707-784-1963, call Rose Pinson’s personal telephone number at 925-812-2059, or E-mail the Pinson family at

Please click on the “Play” icon below to hear the interview:

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