True Crime Factor Interview: Laura Saxton

Laura Saxton with her daughter, Kelsie Schelling
Laura Saxton with her daughter, Kelsie Schelling

On February 4, 2013, an elated Kelsie Schelling texted her mother, Laura Saxton, a sonogram of her unborn child. That same evening, Schelling – eight weeks pregnant and two weeks shy of her 22nd birthday – vanished after driving 113 miles from Denver, Colorado to the town of Pueblo, where she planned to meet Donthe Lucas, her boyfriend and father of her child. Schelling has not been seen since.

For the past four years, Schelling’s family and friends have endured the pain of her absence without any explanation of Kelsie’s fate or whereabouts. The mystery has also generated strife in the past between Schelling’s family and local law enforcement over their investigation into the young woman’s vanishing.

Schelling’s story has garnered a massive amount of mainstream media attention, including pieces on Dateline and 20/20. A Crime Watch Daily episode profiling Kelsie’s disappearance is available for viewing here.

Despite a considerable amount of circumstantial evidence against him, Donthe Lucas has never been charged in connection with Schelling’s disappearance, although authorities have publicly named him “a strong person of interest.”

Schelling’s mother, Laura Saxton, kindly spoke with me on the afternoon of March 3 to discuss Kelsie’s disappearance, the shifting relationship between Colorado investigators and Schelling’s loved ones, the effect of mainstream media coverage on her daughter’s story and more.

You can visit the official Help Find Kelsie website at and view the Help Find Kelsie Facebook page at this link.

Anyone with information regarding the disappearance of Kelsie Schelling is invited to contact Pueblo Crime Stoppers, Captain Eric Bravo of the Pueblo Police Department (719-553-2564), Agent Kevin Torres of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, or telephone the family’s personal tip line at 1-855-4-KELSIE.

Please click on the “Play” icon below to hear the interview:

3 thoughts on “True Crime Factor Interview: Laura Saxton

  1. Excellent interview. Thank you for taking the time to go into such depth. It astounds me that the police do not have enough evidence to bring Donthe Lucas in. Honestly don’t think they will ever have more evidence (even though it’s circumstantial), barring an actual confession. They need to collate all the ‘evidence’ and timelines, etc, sit him down and interrogate him until he cracks! People have been imprisoned with far far less evidence.


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