True Crime Factor Interview: Daleen Berry

pretty-little-killersThe July 2012 disappearance of 16-year-old Skylar Neese stunned the West Virginia community of Monongalia County. Six months later, concern would turn to shock when one of Skylar’s best friends, Rachel Shoaf, confessed to killing the teen along with another girl, Sheila Eddy – a close confidant of Skylar’s since childhood.

Shoaf’s revelation would expose a callous – and at the same time, almost cavalier – murder plot stemming from the ever-growing rift that had developed between the three girls. A barrage of theories and accusations were levied both before and after Shoaf led authorities to Skylar’s remains – often via the influential platform of social media – and in the years since Skylar’s disappearance and murder, the crime has garnered national news coverage.

New York Times Best-Selling author Daleen Berry, a Monongalia County resident at the time of Skylar’s disappearance, closely covered the case and has penned the definitive account of Shoaf and Eddy’s crime in Pretty Little Killers, a book she co-authored with writer Geoffrey Fuller.

Berry kindly spoke with me on the evening of March 1 to discuss the Skylar Neese case and her work covering the story. Purchasing information for Pretty Little Killers can be found here.

You can visit Daleen Berry online at, follow her on Twitter under the handle @DaleenBerry and find her official Facebook page at this link.

(Special thanks to Jennifer Canzoneri at BenBella Books)

Please click on the “Play” icon below to hear the interview:

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