True Crime Factor Interview: Ann Moulds

aas_logoA routine mail check on Valentine’s Day 2004 would forever change the life of Ann Moulds. With her daughter away at college, the 43-year-old podiatrist had settled into the role of empty nester was content to spend her days enjoying time with friends and continuing the medical practice she loved.

For over two years, Moulds would continue to receive sexually sadistic notes and photographs – and even feared her stalker had broken into her home. Finding little help from law enforcement, Moulds’ life descended into disarray.

Moulds’ tormenter would eventually be revealed as a longtime acquaintance with whom she had recently reconnected. A Scottish court would sentence the perpetrator to three years probation and 260 hours of community service in addition to his being required to register as a sex offender. Perceived as a slap on the wrist by many, the harasser’s penalty compelled a distressed Moulds to abandon her hometown, sacrificing her family, friends and business.

Moulds addressed her ordeal before the Scottish Parliament in 2010. Her testimony was instrumental in the implementation of Scotland’s first anti-stalking legislation at the end of that year. In 2009, Moulds founded Action Scotland Against Stalking – now Action Against Stalking – to assist victims of stalking and spread awareness of the crime.

Moulds kindly spoke with me on February 2 to discuss the origins of AAS, the landmark effect her case had on the issue of stalking in the United Kingdom and her own stalking tribulation. You can visit the official Action Against Stalking website here.

Please click on the “Play” icon below to hear the interview:

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