True Crime Factor Interview: Debbie Palacios

Magazine cover featuring Tammy Lynn Leppert
Magazine cover featuring Tammy Lynn Leppert

To many around her, Tammy Lynn Leppert appeared to have life in the palm of her hand. The 18-year-old had dominated the child beauty pageant scene as a young girl before transitioning into modeling, gigs which assisted her in landing a pair of acting roles – including a bit part in Oliver Stone’s legendary crime film Scarface.

Leppert vanished in Cocoa Beach, Florida on July 6, 1983, allegedly after being dropped off by a friend in the parking lot of a bank. Her disappearance was preceded by weeks of bizarre behavior which sometimes included violent outbursts, and Leppert had apparently confided to her mother, Linda Curtis, that someone was trying to kill her.

Following Curtis’ death in 1995, Leppert’s sister, Debbie Palacios, resumed the search for the missing actress along with her daughter. Palacios kindly spoke with me on the morning of January 27 to discuss various theories surrounding Leppert’s disappearance, speculation regarding potential suspects in her sister’s case – including infamous serial killer Christopher Wilder – and more.

There are two family-run Facebook pages dedicated to Tammy Lynn Leppert, which can be found at Never Forget Tammy Leppert and My Missing Sister, Tammy Leppert. The Unsolved Mysteries page covering Leppert’s case is available for viewing here.

Anyone with information on the disappearance of Tammy Lynn Leppert may contact Detective Christen McClure of the Cocoa Beach Police Department at (321) 868-3326. 

Please click on the “Play” icon below to hear the interview:

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