Missing South Carolina Woman Found Alive in Metal Container (Updated)

Kala Brown and Charles Carver
Kala Brown and Charles Carver

A South Carolina woman who vanished along with her boyfriend two months ago was found alive Thursday morning inside a padlocked 30’ by 15’ metal container on a rural property in Woodruff, reports CBSNews.com. A sheriff said the woman was “chained like a dog.”

30-year-old Kala Brown disappeared along with her boyfriend, Charles Carver, at or around the end of August when the couple were lured to the Woodruff property for a cleaning job. Brown told a friend their captor pulled out a gun and took them hostage.

45-year-old Todd Kohlhepp, a registered sex offender and owner of the Woodruff property, has been charged with kidnapping. More charges will be filed later, according to the prosecutor trying the case.

Brown was discovered by deputies who were serving a search warrant related to the search for her and Carver after investigative leads led authorities to the Woodruff property. She was treated at a medical center and released. Brown confided to a friend the details of her and Carver’s abduction.

According to prosecutor Barry Barnette, Brown saw Kohlhepp shoot and kill Carver. She also told investigators there may be four bodies on the property; thus far, search teams have uncovered one corpse, which was not immediately identified.

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(Update: CBSNews.com reports that the body found on Kohlhepp’s property has been identified as Charles Carver.  Kohlhepp has also apparently confessed to an unsolved 2003 quadruple murder)

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