49 Dead Following Mass Shooting at Orlando Club (Updated)

mass_shootingForty-nine people are dead and another fifty-plus injured following a mass shooting and hostage situation last night at one of Orlando’s most popular gay clubs, reports CBSNews.com.  The death toll makes the massacre the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

A male gunman, identified as Omar Mateen, reportedly began his rampage at Pulse nightclub at around 2:20 a.m. and exchanged gunfire with an officer already posted at the event before other law enforcement agencies and officials responded. The shooter then retreated into the club and began a hostage situation.

A SWAT team eventually entered the club and fatally shot the gunman, who also had a device of some kind strapped to his body.

According to a U.S. intelligence source, Islamic terrorism is being investigated as a possible motive for the attack due to several indicators, including the style of the rampage, which had similarities to the attacks in Paris last fall and Brussels in March.

Please visit the above link to read more.

(Update: CBSNews.com reports that Islamic terror group ISIS has claimed responsibility for  the massacre in Orlando.  Omar Monteen called 911 from a bathroom during the shootings and pledged allegiance to ISIS and al Baghdadi when they called him back, according to a U.S. intel source)

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