Book Review: Letters to Our Missing, 1st Edition

letters_to_missing_1st_coverMedia for the Missing is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that all missing persons cases receive equal and sufficient exposure. The group works to provide the public with information useful in increasing awareness and encouraging community involvement.

One outlet in which Media for the Missing carries out its objectives is through a book series titled Letters to Our Missing. The first edition was released in 2014, with a follow-up streeting this past August.

Letters to Our Missing, 1st Edition is a collection of poems and letters from the loved ones of missing people of various ages, races and ethnicities. Distributed by Tate Publishing, family members are provided a written forum to share their thoughts and feelings, or speak directly to those who have vanished.

Featured cases range from 1971 to disappearances occurring at the end of 2013. Some stories, such as those of Ali Lowitzer and Kelsie Schelling, have received significant media coverage, while others have remained lower profile. Regardless of the amount of exposure given to each case, the love and pain felt by those close to the missing is unmistakable in every contribution.

For more information on Media for the Missing, please visit the organization’s official website, Letters to Our Missing, 1st Edition is available for purchase via the Tate Publishing website or on Amazon here. You can hear my interview with Jo Ann Lowitzer, one of the contributors to the book, at this link.

(Special thanks to Jan Cara Quinones of Tate Publishing)

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