True Crime Factor Interview: Amy Neises

id_logoFor most people, purchasing your first home is a milestone event charged with feelings of excitement, accomplishment and happiness. For Amy Neises, it would initiate a four-year period of incredible stress, tension and frustration.

Before Neises even moved in to her condominium, she was subjected to piercing screams and other bizarre behavior from her female next-door neighbor. As time progressed, the woman’s harassment of Neises would escalate to blatant threats, fire setting and following her frequently, causing Neises to constantly live in fear and disrupting her life to a disturbing extent.

The neighbor was eventually evicted from the condominium property, allowing Neises to resume a peaceful existence. In the process, however, she was forced to contend with many of the legal hurdles other stalking victims encounter when seeking help.

Neises’ story was featured on an edition of Investigation Discovery’s Obsession: Dark Desires program. She has also taped an episode of The Security Brief, to be aired at a future date.

Neises kindly spoke with me on the afternoon of March 13 to discuss her story and offer advice to other stalking victims.

You can visit Amy Neises online at and follow her on Twitter under the handle @AmyNeises.

Please click on the “Play” icon below to hear the interview:


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