Forgotten 911 Call May Provide Vital Clue in 1984 Slaying of Eight-Year-Old Atlantic City Boy

gary_grant_jrThe Daily Mail reports that a forgotten recording of a 911 call could provide an essential clue in the 1984 murder of eight-year-old Gary Grant Jr., whose body was found two blocks from his home in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The audio tape was unearthed by Gary Grant Sr. – a former police officer who was on duty the night his son went missing two days before his body was discovered – as he was going through old MP3s of phone calls. It features an anonymous caller inquiring on the possibility of collecting a reward on himself for the boy’s murder.

In addition to the tape uncovered of the self-professed killer, another recording has surfaced of a second anonymous caller who provided the name of a man he claims confessed to Grant Jr.’s slaying. The alleged suspect’s name has not been released.

Please visit the above link to read more. The audio of the possible killer’s 911 call is available for listening courtesy of the Press of Atlantic City here.


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