Missing Teen Sisters Located in Pleasant Grove, Utah

sydney3 dani1KUTV yesterday reported that Sydney and Dani Wolferts, teenage sisters missing since July 2014, have been located along with their mother, Michelle Wolferts, in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

The girls ran away while visiting their mother in Orem. Their father, Brian Wolferts, moved Sydney and Dani to Topeka, Kansas after being awarded custody of both sisters.

The story received substantial media coverage with Brian and his eldest daughter, Brittany Wolferts – sister to Dani and Sydney – appearing on the Dr. Phil talk show earlier this year.

Brittany has been fighting to keep her sisters out of their father’s care. All three siblings have alleged physical and emotional abuse at the hands of Brian.

Michelle, who admitted to being on the run with the girls since August 2014, was arrested on charges of custodial interference, filing a false police report and housing fraud. She has since been released on bail.

Authorities have not released information on the whereabouts of Sydney and Dani. Brian Wolferts was reportedly en route to see his daughters on Sunday. Orem Police Lt. Craig Martinez said Brian will likely be working with DCFS to integrate the girls back into his home.

Brittany has written both a blog entry and Facebook post about the finding of her mother and sisters.

Please visit the opening link for more on this story, including a KUTV interview with Michelle Wolferts.


One thought on “Missing Teen Sisters Located in Pleasant Grove, Utah

  1. You need to update the Wolferts Sisters story to show that there is extensive evidence supporting the fact that Brian abused the Wolferts Sisters. Here is just one source of that evidence.


    Custody was given to the father because of Family Court Corruption. See below article from the Huffington Post.


    Brian and his attorney are covering up the truth.


    Dr. Phil ignored the extensive evidences of abuse that were given to him, and he cut many parts of the show that told the truth about the abuse.


    The Wolferts Sisters are strongly supported by the Center for Judicial Excellence.


    And Stop Abuse Campaign


    You can keep up to date about the case at the Wolferts Sisters Blog.



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