Book Review: John George Haigh: The Acid-Bath Murderer

haigh_coverFrom 1944-1949, John George Haigh murdered six people before dissolving their corpses in acid, earning him not only a reputation as one of England’s most notorious serial killers, but also the title of the “Acid Bath Murderer.”

Renowned author Dr. Jonathan Oates continues his brilliant true crime series under the Pen & Sword Books banner with John George Haigh: The Acid-Bath Murderer, a comprehensive look at Haigh’s life and criminality, from his fanatically religious-embedded upbringing to the day of August 10, 1949, when Haigh was executed for the slayings of 69-year-old Olive Durand-Deacon as well as members of the McSwan and Henderson families. With solitary chapters devoted exclusively to each victim accounts, Oates describes his subject’s crimes in meticulous detail.

In addition to the Acid Bath killings, Haigh’s student years as a bully leading up to his pre-serial murder legal transgressions and incarcerations are chronicled. Also contained within the book are 16 pages of photographs, including reprints of official legal documents, pictures of Haigh’s childhood homes and other shots of locations essential to the killer’s life story.

John George Haigh: The Acid-Bath Murderer is a compelling, all-inclusive and skillfully written biography of a depraved individual who made his horrifying mark on the British 1940s.

John George Haigh: The Acid-Bath Murderer is available via Pen & Sword Books here or on Amazon at this link.

(Special thanks to Charlie Simpson of Pen & Sword Books)


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