Possibly 100 Killed in Paris Attacks, Hostage Situation Over (Updated)

france_flagFrance has closed its borders after at least 60 people were killed, several injured and many more taken hostage today in Paris in what appears to be a series of coordinated attacks, reports CNN.

French President Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency and deployed military personnel around Paris.

At least six shootings occurred in Paris today and three explosions took place at the Stade De France in Saint-Denis. Two or three gunmen entered the Bataclan concert hall while firing at law enforcement.

A hostage situation is reportedly ongoing at the concert hall.

Please visit CNN here for continuing coverage of this story.

(Update: CNN reports that the hostage siege is over after police raided the concert hall, killing two attackers.  At least 100 hostages were rescued, with some appearing wounded, and possibly up to 100 more are dead following the attacks.  An update also reported that one of the explosions at the Stade De France appears to be a suicide bombing following the discovery of a dismembered body consistent with the aftermath of such a device. 

Rolling Stone is reporting that the concert hall attacks occurred during a show performed by the band Eagles of Death Metal)

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